Indiana Artisan Spotlight

March brings a feature of eleven select Indiana Artisan works at Art on Main Gallery & Gifts in Carmel, Indiana. They have filled their walls and shelves with an assortment of amazing work. I’m proud to have my batik artwork included.

Art on Main is featuring an exhibit/ sale by Indiana Artisans. Indiana Artisan is the state’s official organization that recognizes the work of Indiana’s highest-quality art and food artisans. Art on Main will be presenting art and food items from 12 Indiana Artisans.
Julie Bolejack- Chocolate for the Spirit
Pam Hurst Designs- jewelry
Amy Greely Studio- Jewelry
Lynne Medkser – batik Art
Marie Reamer- photography
Otis Harville- photography
Marl Lisota- jewelry
Nancy Keating-mosaics
Peter Falk- woodworking
Kathy Blankenheim- painting
Sylvia Gray- wearbale art
Monte Young- stoneware pottery

I delivered several new (and one classic) pieces of artwork for this feature, including these three pieces below that are fresh out of the studio! If you’re looking for a great night out the gallery is going to have a special hours this Saturday, March 9th from 5-9 pm during the “Meet Me on Main” monthly gallery walk. Be sure to visit!

The feature at Art on Main opened today, March 5th and will continue through the end of the month – which leads up to the annual Artisan Marketplace on Sat, April 6 from 10am – 6pm and Sun, April 7 from 10am – 5pm in the Expo Hall Building at the Indiana State Fairgrounds.

Only once a year, the state’s highest-quality Artisans come together — at the Indiana Artisan Marketplace. Talk with artisans at the top of their craft, recognized by the state for their exceptional art and food. Taste their wines and foods, see what makes them the best, and take advantage of the opportunity to take home some of their outstanding work made in studios, workshops and kitchens here in the Hoosier State.

I won’t have a booth at the Marketplace this year but will have artwork featured in the “All IN” exhibit which runs parallel to the Marketplace and features a display of products and art from Artisans who want to participate. As you enter the Marketplace you’ll be able to enjoy “All IN” as you make your way to visit the Artisan booths. I’m also on the “All IN” committee this year so you might well see me there when you visit the Marketplace. 

I have several other new batik pieces finished and in process right now, I’ll share them in my next post! Till then….


Soul Searching

“Soul Searching #3″ 12×12” mixed media painting on canvas

After neglecting my blog for the better part of a year it’s more than a bit intimidating trying to figure out what to jump back in with! I’m fairly prolific so the choices are numerous and with several shows and exhibits last year that is probably an understatement. I finally decided to just start writing about what is currently dear to my heart, a series I titled “Intuitive Abandon”. Then, within that body of work, I found these pieces, aptly titled and begging to be shared. Perfect!

Something that’s been on my heart for several years is the desire to merge both my art and my faith, to feel like my work is more inspired and led than just merely decorative. I can kind of put it in “auto-drive” and make art that is pleasing to look at but when asked what it means, well, nothing really. I tried just referring to it as “Happy Art” (which it is) because so many people commented on the colorful and happy content. That, in and of itself, isn’t a terrible thing – I am a fan of happiness and if I can give others joy with my art that’s pretty darn cool. But I wasn’t satisfied with just that anymore.

“Soul Searching #2″ 12×12” mixed media painting on canvas

Enter my favorite, most “mountain top” experience each year called “Gathering of Artisans“. 2018 was my third year in a row to attend/participate in this event and I cannot recommend it highly enough! And, yes, although I’d classify it as a mountain-top experience no matter where it is held, it happens to actually be held in Black Mountain, North Carolina. Each year I’ve attended I’ve grown and deepened my life in ways I couldn’t imagine. In addition to the most powerful worship I have ever experienced, 2018 led me to classes by two different instructors, Aeron Brown & Amy Smith, both of whom had an amazing influence on my artistic and spiritual path. I finally feel like I am stepping into my desire of combining my faith with my artistic expression.

These newest explorations are full of freedom, mark making and lively conversation. After some prayerful quiet & meditation these pieces start with mark making – my thoughts, prayers, song lyrics, text randomly scribbled with charcoal/pencil/graphite on the canvas/paper/wood substrate. In the case of these pieces, 12×12″ canvas. From that place I try to listen quietly until I get a feel for the initial colors. Once the painting, scraping, stamping and marking begins I try to not think at all! Often I get so lost in the process that, unless I stop to take progress pictures, I have no idea how I got from point A to point B. The freedom to create this way is so very freeing.

Currently I have close to 40 pieces created in this manner – on canvas, wood and paper. They even inspired another artistic endeavor! I’ll be sharing more as I continue to blog but if you just can’t wait to see them you can CLICK HERE to visit the web page where they are featured.

Until next time…blessings & love,


Art Enjoyment in Indiana!

Yesterday my buddy Krista and I spent several hours browsing around and chatting with other artists at the first annual Indiana Artisan Marketplace. It was held over the weekend at the Indiana State Fairground in Indianapolis. What a cool show! All the participants have been juried into the Indiana Artisan program (there were some additional participants from the neighboring Kentucky Crafted/Kentucky Proud group too). Artisan may just bring to mind art related products but there was quite a variety of other items to be seen & sampled throughout the show. Musical instruments, soaps, bath & body products, handmade papers & yarns, several different Hoosier vineyards (with free samples!) and many, many food products (with even MORE free samples!).  There were also arts organizations from around the state promoting the cultural venues in their areas. Future road trips perhaps?!

After we had wandered a while I thought it would be fun to take some photos of a few of the items we saw. Naturally I took photos of some artists I knew, in addition to a few whose wares I just admired. So here is a mini-tour for you, via photographs, in case you weren’t able to attend!

blown glass ornaments, Lisa-Pelo McNiece

A close-up image of some blown glass ornaments from artist Lisa Pelo-McNiece at Hot Blown Glass, located in Clayton, Indiana. Lisa makes some gorgeous creations with glass…I’m happy to have a few of her pieces in my personal collection of art!

woven scarves by Suzanne Halverson

I love the colors of her scarves! Suzanne designs/weaves apparel and home furnishings and also gives weaving instruction. She is from Bloomington, Indiana. If anyone wants to buy me a really early Christmas gift I love the white scarf with the turquoise design! 🙂 Suzanne’s website if you want more info.

shoppers/samplers in the food aisle!


Ahhh, the food/wine aisle! There were treats to be had of all varieties – and lot of people willing to sample them!  This photo is from a shop that sold delicious flavored marshmallows, they even had a small burner that they would toast them over before you sampled them! Located in Columbus, Indiana you can read more about them at This was the closest shop to photograph when I was taking pictures, so as not to play favorites I also enjoyed sampling “Simply Divine Bakery” cookies, baked in the monastery  by the Sisters of St. Benedict in Ferdinand, Indiana, toffee by Brookes’ Candy Company in Dana, Indiana, beef & noodles made with hand-made style noodles by Coe’s Noodles in Lynn, Indiana, pretzels by Tell City Pretzel in (you guessed it!) Tell City, Indiana. We also sampled wines from a two wineries we hadn’t tried before (it’s kind of a become a hobby the last few years so a new winery is a a fun treat!) – French Link Winery from French Link, Indiana and also Winzerwald Winery from Bristow, Indiana. I know we also snuck in a bite of fudge, some hot salsa, and a couple of other treats but I wasn’t paying close enough attention to give credit to the right companies!

art by (pictured) artist Teri Barnett

Here’s my artist-friend Teri, in her booth with some of her awesome art! Teri lives in Indianapolis, Indiana. Want to see more? Visit her website at for lots of other images and info. 🙂 Teri is also the co-owner of Broad Ripple Art & Design who represent Mark & I!

bright & beautiful ceramics by Kris Busch

Wow! Did these grab my attention! Let alone the lovely colors there were fountains too. These are made by Kris Busch of Bloomington, Indiana, check out her website at for more of her work.

artwork by Susan Kline

Last, but by no means least, was the fun, bright artwork of Susan Kline Designs from Peru, Indiana! Her Etsy shop sign says “funky art to make you smile” and it’s right! Check out the selection of fun things she makes by visiting

So that’s the end of your mini-tour…just think how long this post would be if I’d had my camera out from the beginning of the show!! You can find out more about the Indiana Artisan program by visiting their website at You can also find listings for all the artisans that weren’t mentioned in today’s blog. Enjoy!