Constructing New Art

"antidiluvian construction" mixed media, 16x16", $275 © Lynne Medsker

I had a friend point out that it was interesting that I’ve been using what are typically considered construction materials and “constructing” art with it instead. I liked that thought! The piece of art featured in today’s post was created with wood & concrete. Other new works that will be featured soon were not only constructed but de-constructed and then re-constructed before they reached their finished stage!

This piece was a bit of an experiment to see if I could achieve a pattern using contact paper as a “stencil” of sorts. It actually worked pretty well! The first step was to paint the entire background of the wood panel with some black gesso. As that was drying I cut a piece of contact paper roughly the size of the panel and began to sketch out a rough pattern on it with a marker. I used an x-acto knife to cut out the shapes and then peeled off the backing and applied it to the dry background.

work in progress, image 1 © Lynne Medsker
work in progress, image 2 © Lynne Medsker

The concrete was applied over each opening in the design and textured or smoothed as I saw fit. Then it was left to sit for a few hours to firm up.

work in progress, image 3 © Lynne Medsker

Before it got too dry I carefully peeled off the contact paper and excess concrete and then left it to continue drying for the rest of the day.

work in progress, image 4 © Lynne Medsker

The following day I added several shades of yellow, beige and terra cota to the pieces and, once that dried, the final bit of color was a touch of copper paint wiped on the top of different areas.

work in progress, image #5 © Lynne Medsker

The last step was to go back in between each of the concrete shapes and repaint the background with more black paint and then seal the entire piece with an acrylic gloss. I loved the way it turned out! I reminds me of an ancient construction, perhaps part of a temple or a secret site that is waiting to be discovered. What kind of a story does it tell you?


6 thoughts on “Constructing New Art

  1. I LOVE IT!!!! It does make me think of something ancient…pieces from something with old roots. I simply love it!!!


      1. I’m a huge mosaic art fan, and even dabbled in making mosaic art myself a few years ago. I think I posted a picture of one of my pieces in one of my earlier blog posts…Your piece is interesting because there is a big gap (the black) between the pieces, which I really like. ~ Sara

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