Blogs elsewhere this week…

Somehow this week I’ve ended up on two other blogs! Coolness!!

Earlier this week I was featured by Martha Marshall in “An Artist’s Journal” as part of her “Before & After Challenge”.  It was so kind of Martha to include me in her challenge and introduce me to her audience! I’ve had several visits and kind comments from her readers.

Wednesday afternoon I spent some time at the studio in “Outside the Box” in Indianapolis. Here is a brief description of what they are all about:

Studio OTB is a community arts program providing an atmosphere for all individuals to express, develop artistic skills & discover new personal interests. We support collaborations between artists with and without developmental disabilities with an emphasis on art education & eco-friendly creativity. We value artistic expression in the community and on a personal level. We believe in the potential of every human being and feel art is an outlet, a career path and something to be accessible to all.

I had a great time there starting projects for their upcoming art show…everyone got the first stages of their artwork finished and I will return soon to continue with the next steps. They posted on their blog about my visit too!

It was fun to have someone else chatting about me online instead of listening to myself ramble on! 🙂

Have a great weekend…I’ve got more new art, as well as more items from the art sale to share with you soon.



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