As much as I enjoy creating art I also enjoy viewing it! I spent a little time last week surfing the web, looking at gallery and artist sites and came away with four sites that I have bookmarked to keep tabs on. When I saw the initial images from these artists my first response was “OHHHH!” Delving deeper into the sites and images I was still captivated.  I’ve not met or corresponded with any of these artists but I thought their art was worth sharing with you. I hope you enjoy it!

Jean Glenn Large, highly detailed, abstract works, most in oil

Deedra Ludwig Mixed media (include natural materials) and encaustic art,  nature focused, with a soft, flowing style

Stephen Olivier Current work is nature focused, mainly in acrylic

Whitney Wood Bailey Colorful oil & mixed media work, on canvas & paper. I am especially intrigued by the works on paper!

Enjoy exploring their sites and let me know what you think of their work & styles! What artists do you have bookmarked?


4 thoughts on “Discoveries…

    1. Loved Carla’s mixed media work!! Peter’s website was having issues, I’ll have to check it another day. Cat’s work just feels so relaxed and serene, loved it! Thanks for the recommendations!

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