“circle” detail of work in progress © 2010, Lynne Medsker

Do you ever have a project or an idea that you are scared to start? Maybe you aren’t even sure what it is that’s holding you back but you just can’t seem to make yourself begin? I hope your answer was yes, because I am certain that it happens to almost everyone. I know it does to me! One project that I was scared to tackle was a blank white canvas. Not just any canvas but a round canvas. Actually two of them! I had purchased them a few years ago because I thought the round shape was so cool (and it is!). But every time I looked at them I would get nervous. I just couldn’t begin to think of what I would ever paint on a round canvas! So I sat them aside for “another day” and tried to ignore them.  Finally, after confessing my silly fear to a friend, I decided to just jump in and do SOMETHING. Right or wrong, it had to be better than being scared of a round canvas! I was in the middle of another series of work so I snuck the canvas in and began to throw a bit of paint on it as I worked on the other (rectangular!) canvases. It was a bit funky getting paint around the curved edges (I paint almost exclusively with putty and/or palette knives) but it was certainly do-able.

insert: “circle” work in progress © 2010, Lynne Medsker

Although I don’t feel like I’ve finished the work on it yet, I don’t feel the least bit apprehensive about continuing to work on it next time I have my paints out. Looking back I wonder what it was that was slowing me down! Especially after realizing I had done so many round art pieces on old records, essentially the same size.

What are you putting off because it intimidates you? What would it take for you to push through that fear and get going?


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