Food as art?

I enjoying creating in the kitchen as much as I do getting creative with paint on canvas, with pixels on my computer, by shaping metal or molding clay.  I rarely stick to a recipe and love to add ingredients to make dishes my very own.  Usually the experiments turn out wonderfully but, as with creating art, sometimes there are failures too.  

For my daughter’s birthday last weekend she requested a fruit pizza for her dessert instead of the traditional birthday cake.  (Honestly we rarely do cake!)  I hadn’t made one for several years and, although it’s simple, it is a always so much fun choosing which fruits to use as toppings and how to arrange them.  I thought this one turned out so well I even took a photo of it to share.  

fruit pizza
fruit "pizza"

It tasted just as good as it looked too! 🙂  If you’ve never had one of these they are delicious!  The crust is a giant sugar cookie which you top with a mixture of cream cheese & powdered sugar.  Add to that a layer of strawberry or cherry “gel” (in this case it was pie filling) and whatever fruits happen to suit you.  Chill it for a bit and it’s ready to eat.  Mmmmm.  


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