untitled fractal art
untitled fractal art

I am offering up some untitled artwork to go along with my untitled blog entry.  Giving artwork a name is often a job that I avoid, occasionally it comes easily but for the most part I struggle with it.  It takes a different kind of mental creativity and I’m not in that “zone” frequently.  Often my art ends up being numbered instead of titled! Tonight it’s late and I’m getting sleepy and a catchy title just wasn’t in me.  🙂

It seems like, again, I am taking a long time between blog entries!  Apologies for that.  I just finished updating the website, after noticing it hadn’t had an update since July, so I suppose two weeks between blog entries isn’t that bad by comparison!  I added some new images on the site and updated the calendar section while I was there.  I am getting ready to take over 30 pieces of art to the Cumberland Art Society’s gallery in Cookeville, Tennessee next weekend.  I have the pieces selected but will need to gather them from where they are currently hanging and get them prepared to travel.  I had a few of the new “Art & Nature” images printed on 16×20 canvas (they look good!) and will need to get those pieces wired and signed before packing them.  It will fun to see how my art is recieved in a different location!  I’ve had pieces selected and shown in several other cities/states but haven’t ever shown this large of a show anywhere but in Indiana.  I will be delivering the art and staying in Tennessee for the hanging and reception so I get a roadtrip out of the deal as well.  Bonus!  I love to travel and never mind being on the road alone. I actually enjoy being able to have time to listen to my music, brainstorm and just enjoy some different scenery at my own pace.  Between preparation for the show in Cookville, gearing up for teaching two classes and still having a fairly steady amount of photography customers life has been full to overflowing! 

I am also still following my quest to get myself in better shape, I can’t believe I just passed the one year mark since I began.  Sometimes it seems like I’ve been working at it for a LONG time but most of the time I feel like I am just getting started!  I just past the 45 pound mark for weight loss, not quite the 50 I had hoped for in a year but considering my past attempts I am still pleased!  I continue to swim laps, walk and do some occasional workouts as I try to become a healthier me.  I know there are things that I need to add to my routine to “step it up” but right now I feel like I am doing all I can with everything else going in my life.  My grandson & I are going to a water introduction/swimming class for little ones on Tuesday mornings now too!  Although it’s supposed to be for his benefit I get a pretty good workout just being in the pool helping him.  He is constant motion!  His favorite activity is jumping off the edge into the pool & my arms.  Lifting him up and out of the water over & over certainly is work, we are both tired, thirsty & hungry when it’s over!

I hope you are enjoying these warm, summer-like days.  I know in a few months I will be missing them!  Take care until next time.



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