Quick post…

just to let you know I am still around and kicking!  It seems like life is busier than ever right now, but in a good way.  Still doing lots of photography jobs in addition to trying to have fun with friends and family prior to the new school year.  This quarter of my daughter’s college courses ended up with three evening classes scheduled, it’s been hectic and tiring for the both of us.  When she has an evening class I am in charge of 18 month old Reagan.  So Tuesdays have been my only free evening during the week for the last few months.  Other quarters have had one or two evening classes, you wouldn’t think the addition of one more would make a difference but it sure has!  I thoroughly enjoy being with Reagan but sorely miss having some gaps of time that I can call my own.  Between that, some continuing light “nurse” duties for my husband as he continues to recover and the increase in photo business I just haven’t had the time, energy or enthusiasm to blog often.  And making any type of art has come to a standstill for now.  Our schedules will change again at the end of August, plus we both have some vacation time slated before the new schedule starts. 🙂  We seem to live our lives in small batches of time until school is finished in another year.  The summer months have given me a chance to be outside more too, which is Reagan’s favorite place to be.  With the continued moderate temperatures and clear skies we’ve had of late it’s hard to come in the house until the sun goes down.  If it weren’t for the pesky mosquitos I’m sure we’d be out there even longer!  Here are some photos of my and my little buddy enjoying a walk to the pond last week:

Reagan & Grandma looking at the water
Reagan & Grandma looking at the water


Walking & holding hands by the pond
Walking & holding hands by the pond


I hope everyone else is having a great month, I’ll try to check in again soon.

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